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“Road Work”

What do you picture when you hear the words ‘road work’? Workers in bright yellow vests, orange cones, traffic delays….? Well, for me it has an entirely different meaning.



I design and make jewelry for a living. Anyone who knows me is aware that I not only do it as a job, but thoroughly enjoy it and am very passionate about it. I have a work bench at home where I make most of the jewelry, but I almost always have several trays ready with projects to take with me wherever I may go.




My husband and I have taken many long trips in the car and for me, many of those hours in the car have been spent with a tray in my lap and tools in my hands. I have been able to make things I needed for upcoming shows as well as fill orders from my Etsy shop.  I’ve even come up with new designs during a few of the trips.



( I often find time to work in the hotel rooms too. )

“Road work” is a win-win situation for me. Making jewelry makes the time pass more quickly, which REALLY helps on the extremely long rides. It also enables me to stay caught up on work that needs to get done while we travel. Luckily my car has a very smooth ride and I’m able to do many different things.




I’m notorious for working in the car, no matter how short the trip may be. My son has actually joked that if get one of the cars that drives itself sometime in the future, I could even make jewelry when I’m the driver instead of the passenger.

So, I may not wear a bright yellow vest, but I do a LOT of “road work”.

PS—I’ve also done this quite often on airplanes. Hmmmm…..maybe I should start a jewelry-making ‘mile high club’.


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Make My Day

Home Show 2013

Home Show 2013


As a woman who designs and makes jewelry, I not only enjoy the actual process of creating the pieces, but LOVE hearing that women have enjoyed wearing it.  The message at the bottom of my receipt is “I hope that you enjoy wearing this jewelry as much as I enjoyed designing and making it”. I get great satisfaction when I receive positive feedback from women who buy my jewelry.


I've received many compliments on this design.

I’ve received many compliments on this design.


One way that I receive this kind of response is at shows. I have many repeat customers walk into my booth and tell me that they were hoping I would be there. They talk about pieces that they have bought in previous years and the compliments they get when wearing them.  They are always excited to see my new designs.


My booth at the Apple Harvest Festival

My booth at the Apple Harvest Festival


I also receive feedback from my online Etsy Shop customers . After making a purchase they are able to rate the product and write a comment. Reading the comments on my feedback page  always brings a smile to my face. I love hearing that my customers are pleased with the quality of the jewelry and that it brings them some enjoyment.


Holiday Home Show 2013

Holiday Home Show 2013


All artisans long to hear this kind of feedback from their customers, so when you buy something that is handcrafted, be sure to let the artist know how much you like it. It will make their day 🙂

To read some of my reviews, click HERE

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Some of my jewelry designs have been working very hard from 9 to 5.  These pieces not only look pretty and help women to express their own unique style, but they perform a much-needed task.  They help women do their job and look beautiful while doing it. These designs actually get women in the door.  What kind of jewelry can do all of this?—-a unique and handcrafted necklace lanyard.


Celtic Knot and Byzantine Lanyard

Lanyards are beautiful, but are also very practical. You can wear your lanyard at work and when you step out of the office, you un-clip the ID badge and you have a beautiful necklace and an eye glass or sun glasses holder if need be! Then, back at the office you clip your badge right back on and you’re ready to go back to work.

The number of lanyards I’ve sold has been unbelievable.  I’ve sold lanyards with gems, pearls, butterflies, hearts and various other focal pieces.  Some have been very colorful and others more subtle.  I’ve had several women request slight changes to a particular lanyard to make it perfect for them.  I’ve had one design in particular that has been extremely popular—my Celtic Knot Lanyard.  It’s a fairly simple design, is somewhat classic and since it is all silver and it goes with almost every outfit.  I’ve added many variations on this design, but the original one has outsold all other lanyards.


Celtic Knot Lanyard

I’m happy that my line of necklace lanyards has been selling well and I also like knowing that my necklace lanyards might possibly make a woman feel a bit more beautiful as she works 9-5.


Peace Sign Lanyard


Tree of Life Lanyard


Lacy Byzantine Lanyard in Antique Silver

Click HERE to see my entire line of lanyard necklaces.

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Jewelry may seem like a frivolous commodity to some. Sure, it can add bling to an outfit, but it can also make a woman feel happy and can be a wonderful gift for someone special. At times a gift of jewelry is the perfect expression of love.  This was the case with a recent custom order.


I enjoy designing custom pieces and like to hear that the recipient of the jewelry was pleased with the outcome.   I recently received a note from a customer that expressed such gratitude for a special order item that it brought tears to my eyes.


A woman from the Middle East inquired about a possible special order after viewing my jewelry on ArtFire.  Her Grandma lost a special necklace many years ago and she discovered it was similar to my Celtic Knot design.  The customer sent me pictures of her Grandma wearing the original necklace.  I was able to make a few adjustments to my design and the finished product looked very much like the one she had lost.  The customer was thrilled and planned to give it to her Grandma for her birthday.



Click HERE to view Celtic Knot Necklace

I received an email several weeks later telling me how much her Grandma liked the necklace.  She was extremely happy to have received it and knew it was given out of love.  My customer had even received a call from her Grandpa to thank her for bringing so much happiness with the gift.   He said that the Grandma felt like the luckiest woman on earth to have been given this necklace by her granddaughter especially since she ordered it from half way around the world.  Yes, the Grandma likes the necklace, but the love behind the gift is what she treasures the most.


I was honored to have been able to help this young woman show love to her Grandma in this way.  I like knowing that I had a small part in bringing so much joy to a sweet 80 year old woman.  I have always loved making jewelry, but that note made me love it in a new way.



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A Special “Order”

I ALWAYS enjoy making jewelry, but I recently had an especially rewarding ‘job’.  I had the opportunity to make the jewelry for a very special bride, her wedding party and the angelic flower girl.  Making the jewelry for a wedding day gives me a special feeling of satisfaction and joy, but making the jewelry for this wedding meant more to me than any other bridal order.  The reason for this—– it was for my daughter’s wedding.  🙂

On September 8th, I was honored to witness my daughter become the wife of an amazing young man.  Not only am I very pleased with the man that she has chosen to spend her life with, but I’ve already seen her relationship with him have a good affect on her.  She has grown and matured in many ways since meeting him and that day I saw that my ‘little girl’ has grown in to a truly amazing young woman.  The wedding was a time for family and friends to enjoy a beautiful ceremony, delicious food, plenty of wine and a night full of dancing.

As my daughter planned every single detail of the wedding, I was delighted to be a part of many of the decisions–choosing the location, planning the menu, picking her dress as well as choosing the flower girl’s dress with the little darling that was to be the flower girl, my granddaughter.  Deciding on the best jewelry was fairly simple for my daughter.  Since she is an active part of my jewelry business, helping me with my shows as well as beginning to make some of the byzantine pieces, she easily made her choices.

For herself, she chose a silver byzantine necklace with a white teardrop pearl gracefully suspended in the front, with a matching byzantine bracelet and simple teardrop pearl earrings.  For the bridal party, she chose a simple byzantine set—matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.  For the flower girl, a simple silver chain with a tiny teardrop pearl and a matching pearl bracelet were the perfect choices.

It was a joy to see the maid of honor and the bridesmaids walking down the aisle in their black cocktail dresses and their beautiful byzantine jewelry.  They were followed by the ring bearer, the grooms nephew who was escorted by his grandmother.  Following that I had the treat of escorting the flower girl, my granddaughter down the aisle and helping her to scatter rose petals.  Last, but not least, my daughter was escorted down the aisle by her father.  Her dress was simple, but elegant and was perfectly accented by the byzantine and pearl designs.

I also designed some special pieces for myself for the big event.  My dress was a simple navy blue dress so I finished the outfit off with a two tone byzantine set.  I gave the necklace a special accent by attaching a black opal pendant.

While many aspects of that special day were more significant than the jewelry,  it was a special treat for me to be able to contribute to my daughter’s ‘big day’ in that way.

Wedding party with their byzantine jewelry

Angelic flower girl with simple pearl jewelry

Me and my daughter in our ‘wedding jewelry’

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