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There are many amazing gifts that can be given at a wedding, but I think I received the best one possible. It is something for which I am very thankful and will always treasure. This gift didn’t cost the giver any money and it didn’t need to be wrapped. Another unusual thing about this gift is that it came from the groom, but I was not the bride. Curious? …..The groom was my son. The gift was given to me the night before the wedding. My son gave me a big hug and then said 4 words that every mother longs to hear—“Mom, I love you.”. Needless to say, I cried tears of joy. (Heck, I’m crying now just writing about it.) Those were words that I needed to hear from this son and they touched me deeply. It truly was a ‘gift’.

Being a mother of adult children and knowing how special those words are to me, I make a point to say them to my mother as often as possible. (and my father too) For those of you who are young adults, please consider giving your mother a call or going to visit her and possibly giving her the gift of those 4 special words. Mother’s Day is coming and it just might be the perfect gift.

I received another gift on the day of the wedding as well—a truly amazing daughter-in-law. This was my last child to get married so I now have 6 children—3 through marriage. I have been blessed with a granddaughter who often says “I love you, Me-maw” and another grandchild on the way. “Life is Good”.

Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, the bride was wearing jewelry “by Brenda Elaine” . 🙂


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