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Cute, little birdhouse on our front porch


That first significant snow of the year is always exciting.   For us it was even more wonderful since were able to get away to our little cottage in the woods.  We arrived just as the snow stopped falling.  It was so beautiful to pull in the drive and see everything covered in a blanket of beautiful, white snow.  


Fern Gully

First snowfall of the year at Fern Gully


As soon as we got unpacked and had a bite of lunch, we headed out for a walk in the woods.  Our dog, Denver, was THRILLED.


Denver in the snow

Happy Denver


We passed several neighboring cabins along they way and they all looked warm and inviting nestled in their new covering of snow, although they were probably all freezing inside since many of the cabins do not have heat.   I couldn’t resist pulling my phone out to snap a few pictures.


Cabin 1

Cabin in the woods

Cabin 2

Don’t you just want to drive down that lane?

Cabin 3

Beautiful cabin surrounded by pines

Osaga Lodge

Osaga Lodge


After passing several cabins we took a trail through the woods.  There is nothing like walking through virgin snow in the forest.  (Michaux State Forest)


Path in the woods

Into the woods


I’m sure that by February I won’t be quite as thrilled by the snow, but for today it was absolutely breathtaking and I enjoyed it thoroughly!  🙂  It’s a beautiful day in the Michaux State Forest.

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The 4 P’s

images (2)

I sit here at my workbench in a quiet house on this cold winter evening with my dog laying on the floor beside me, and I realize that I am content.  It is partly because of 4 elements……PJ’s, pearls, pliers & Pandora.

I was able to enjoy an early dinner and then slip in to my PJ’s.  I don’t know about you, but there is something extremely soothing about hanging out in pajamas.  They are soft, warm and extremely comfortable to wear.  Working at home affords me the luxury of often beginning my work day in my pj’s and slippers, but I also enjoy lounging around in them on certain evenings as well.

As for the Pearls, that happens to be what I’m working with this evening.  I’m experimenting with new designs and happen to be using beautiful, white Swarovski pearls.  I tried on a new necklace  to see how it looked — as I often do after finishing a necklace.  This particular piece was somewhat formal and I couldn’t help but chuckle when I looked in the mirror and realized I was wearing a very formal pearl necklace with my black pj’s.  The really funny part is that it looked kind of cool to me.  

The Pliers are, of course, the tools of my trade.  I thoroughly enjoy designing and making jewelry and am sometimes the happiest when I have pliers in my hand.  My workbench is often littered with various types of pliers/cutters/tools along with various stones, pearls, chain and findings and to some it may look like a disaster, but all I see are limitless possibilities in the designs I could come up with.

The 4th P is my Pandora radio.  For those of you not familiar with this, it is a website with various radio stations that you can customize to your liking by indicating which songs you like or don’t like.  I often listen to classical piano on the evenings that I find myself with an evening to myself, but tonight I felt more like JJ Heller.

So, here I sit with my formal pearls adorning my comfortable pj’s, with pliers in hand and soft music floating all around me………..life is good.  (and I’m coming up with extremely exciting designs.)

Oh, I should mention one other crucial piece in this ideal setting—-a glass of Merlot wine.  It doesn’t start with a P, but it goes well with pj’s and pearls, don’t you think?  😉


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